Films for flow packs – highest possible protection for your product

Our films for flow packs are one of the main products in the flexible packaging. We developed a widespread knowledge around packaging films for flow packs and stand up pouches with new projects and challenging printing designs. Whether horizontal or vertical flow packs for cereals, cookies, bars or crackers, we are producing the most effective multi-layer film. The corresponding barrier properties ensure the highest possible protection and durability for your product.

Horizontal flow pack

Horizontal flow pack

Demands in terms of the product on the mono- or multi-layer films, such as barriers against water, light and oxygen are no problem for us. We are laminating your packaging films individual.

In special for films for bars we are offering hot and cold seal applications. Our stock consists various kinds of sealable mono and multi-layer films – white, transparent and metallized.

Stand-up pouches are increasingly used for fluids, like dressings or yoghurt drinks. We are laminating different films for an effective multi-layer film.

Produktbeispiel Beutelfolie - Marzipan-Nougat Riegel

Example flow pack

  • OPP / OPP
  • OPP / PE
  • PET / PE
  • OPA / PE
  • PET / ALU / PE
  • PAP / ALU / PE

Please feel free to contact us and we advise you referred to your own films for flow packs.