Sachet films – sealing packaging qualitatively

Sachet filmsThe sachet films are often used in the areas cosmetics and personal hygienic articles.

It is used as 3- or 4- position sealed packaging and has – like the film for flow packs- very good seal characteristics, whereby the product is optimally protected.

Sachet films depict packaging for fluids like creams or hair cures in the cosmetic sector. Furthermore solid and powdery products like sea-salt or sweets in the form of drops are packed in sachet films.

The sachet films predominantly consist of multi-layer films with or without corresponding barrier layers. White, transparent or metallized packaging films can be combined in different thicknesses.

  • PAP / PE
  • OPP / OPP
  • PET / PE
  • PAP / ALU / PE
  • PET / ALU / PE

We are offering multi-layer films with mat and shiny effects for a brilliant branding of the product. Contact us and we will advise you on qualitative packaging films at any time.