Shrink sleeves fit at certain temperatures to the product. Folienprint produces shrink-sleeves in different applications to meet your requirements.

We refine your shrink-sleeves from printing up to slitting and gluing. According to your requirements we process shrink-sleeves in rolls or single cut pieces. Our shrink tunnels in the form of steam and hot air allow us to shrink a line of samples for various products. We are glad to sample your containers with appropriate sleeves and give suggestions for your best packaging solution.

In the range of shrink-sleeves almost all kinds of shrinkable packaging films are used in a variety of thicknesses.

  • PET – Polyethylenterephtalat
  • PVC – Polyvinylchlorid
  • OPS – orientiertes Polystyrol
  • PLA – Polyactid

Shrink-Sleeves - DekorationWith our high-quality whelding machines we finish shrink-sleeves specifically tailored to your product and requirements. We are pleased to offer customized solutions regarding your specific product.

  • Lay flat width 15mm – 385mm
  • Perforation vertical and horizontal
  • Tear Strip 2mm – 15mm
  • Hotmelt
  • Double Chamber