Tamper-Evident – sure protect of products

To generate an optimal product and authenticity protection, high-quality tamper-evident Sleeves are used. By using tamper-evident Sleeves the originality of the product is secured. A shrink sleeve protects the closure of the container. Shrink sleeves are placed partially or completely in the form of decoration on products. We are happy to find out the best packaging solution!



The tamper-evident closure promises a 100% protection of the product and ensures that the product is unopened in possession of the customer. To facilitate the opening by the consumer, we will provide transparent and coloured tear strips and additional perforations.

Coloured tear strips in red, blue, gold, white, or even as a hologram advert visually to the perforation and facilitate the opening. We offer customized solutions for your unique product!

We offer printed or unprinted tamper evident shrink sleeves which generate a special product protection by applying a “full body sleeve”. This product protection is simultaneously a unique decoration of products. We would like to advise on various applications of shrink sleeves.

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