Digital printing

Since 1994 we have started with digital printing with an Indigo Omnius WebStream 50. The installation at headquarter in Witzhave was the first installation in Germany at all and symbolized the beginning of a successful development within the company group.

Today within the All4Labels Group more than 40 Digital printing presses worldwide are installed for labels and flexible packaging production. At Folienprint we are going to print up to 8 colors on flexible materials on max. 740 mm for primary food packaging or shrink sleeves in digital.

Sleeve Dekoration Bonbongläser

We are going to advise in order to print technique and possibility

  • Good printing quality
  • Good register
  • No costs for printing tools like printing plates
  • Great opportunity for small and medium printing volumes
  • Promotion
  • Ongoing numbering
  • Short term adaption of printing data
  • Print on demand

The breathtaking possibilities in digital printing are demonstrated with our Folienprint tea sachets and cereal bars. Each packaging unit is unique thanks to the Mosaic Software. By this the product is individual and valued by the packaging. Also for personalization or winning codes the HP Indigo 20000 is the best solution. With print on demand we are able to produce within short lead times.

Ask us, if you are interested in digital printing!