Our customers profit from Folienprints in-house printing plate production. We manufacture different kinds of printing plates flexible and within short time, so that packaging film can be printed the same day. It all starts with the graphical preparation and validation of your files, done by our highly experienced and reliable employees.

DruckplattenherstellungThe application of your print image to our technical capabilities is done by precise control to generate the best outcome of the film print. When it Comes to the production of your packaging film our independence from external printing plate manufacturers is very beneficial. In the case of layout modifications on short notice or possible damages, we produce new printing plates flexible and fast. This way we retain the quality of the packaging film and deliver on time.

We know our printing methods exactly and know what printing plate material is suitable for your individual packaging application.

We will be happy to advise you on all requirements and offer you the optimal packaging solution.

You can reach us using the contact form!